Lisa Marie Coppoletta – Expertise & Accomplishments

  • RSS feed for PRESS COVERAGE – (List of news stories activism work in San Marcos, Texas)
    • Neighborhood Commissioner, San Marcos, TX (2015)
    • Arts Commissioner, San Marcos, TX. (2009 – 2010)
    • Sub Committee for Master Plan, Arts Commission – San Marcos, TX. (2009)
    • Precinct Chair, Executive Committee – Hays County Republican Party
  • SMTX TALKS – (Participated both November and January)
    • SMTX Talks – San Marcos, Texas (November 12, 2013) – Speaker
    • SMTX Talks Unfiltered – San Marcos, Texas (August 06, 2013) – Speaker and Panelist
  • SMTX CODE RODEO – For two years attended technical meetings, workshops, open houses, blogged, wrote letter to the editor, and delivered many speeches at City Council and Planing and Zoning. Won most participated award 2016 “the belt buckle.”
    • Fought mandatory RFID Pets in San Marcos, documentary video
    • Fought Roundabout on Hunter
    • Smart Meter Opt Out Program – City Ordinance from work with Jane Hughson, Melissa Derrick, Lisa Prewitt. 
    • HEB Hunter
      • HEB Open Records & Speeches Notes/Research (page under construction Monday August 22,2016)
      • HEB Hunter video blog playlist
      • “San Marcos will begin work on a third H-E-B“By Bri Watkins – 

        “Lisa Marie Coppoletta, San Marcos resident, said the property should remain a green space. She said one of her main concerns is sinkholes that could potentially form, along with carbon monoxide filling the air.

        “Being a good neighbor is communicating with your neighbors,” Coppoletta said. “Residents know their neighborhood, and they know their community, but they are being completely locked out of the process.”

        The public deserves to be a part of this conversation, Coppoletta said. She is proud of her community for letting their voices be heard at the last city council meeting.

        Coppoletta commended the time the city staff has taken to inform her on the issue.

        The official report of flood maps from FEMA has not been finalized, and the City postponed discussion to September.”

    • Lindsey Hills
    • Cape’s Camp/Woodlands
    • Buie Tract/Capstone Cottages
    • La Cima
  • LIFE SAVING – KXAN-Good Samaritans Rescue Elderly Woman news story with more blog coverage
  • TEXAS FILM – 2008 campaign discussion topic, supported San Marcos “film friendly,” film industry training and appearances
    • Proponent Cable Access TV in San Marcos
    • Radio Show Host – KZSM “LMC Underground Bunker”
    • Hands Free PSA for City of San Marcos, Austin Community College Service Learning Project (2016)
    • Dionysium at Alamo Village – Postmodernism debate against University of Texas Philosophy Professor Daniel Bonevac (Spring 2014)
    • Campaign Manager – Shane Scott first race of which he won – ran social media, speech coaching, door to door campaign, phone banking
    • Team Member Historic Photo Roundup – attended meetings, social media promotion for scanning in historic photos about San Marcos, TX. (Spring 2014)
    • Organizer “Stand Up for San Marcos” – Live comedy each Tuesday night at Wake the Dead Coffee House in San Marcos, Texas (January 2014 – Present)
    • January 2014 “Don’t be a Goober” Workshop – Speech workshop for San Marcos community from preparing to presenting a speech at a Planning & Zoning Commission meeting or a City Council meeting.
    • Yakona Proclamation from City of San Marcos – E-mailed San Marcos City Council, coordinated with City Secretary and the crew of Yakona the dates for the proclamation. Wrote rough draft of proclamation.
    • Honorary Roast Speaker for Mayor of San Marcos for San Marcos High School Debate Fundraiser (2012)
    • Assisted creation of downtown Saturday Farmer’s Market (2011)
    • Video Production, LBJ Museum in San Marcos, TX (2009 – 2011)
    • Video Production, Editing and DVD Interface – Texas Authors Day at the San Marcos Public Library (2004-2005)
    • Web Development & Desktop Publishing, Older Adults Rural Services (O.A.R.S) (Fall 2002)
    • Page Layout & Design, Seton Highland Lakes/RX Advocates Burnet & Marble Falls (Winter 2002)
    • Elves For The Elderly, Highland Lakes (Winter 2002)