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This is what we have become

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it’s kind of difficult to explain to students today how easy they have it

compare and contrast google research to a card catalog

if not of them in your class knows what card catalog is

I had to Google “card catalog” and pull up the images to show them

then I had to explain what dewey decimal is to them : unbelievable

Genius of Jonny

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From photo shoot last month with the artistic genius of  Jonathan Pascoe and his crew for Colt’s 45th Birthday shooting at Colt 45 with a Colt 45. The Cirque du Soleil peeps were 2 cool 4 school..

Gearing up for an epic one with local San Martian lens rock star at my house…..Operation Belvin Bell Casita in full swing

Screen shot 2015-10-24 at 10.18.19 PM Screen shot 2015-10-24 at 10.18.25 PM

Symbols in murals -kept saying “its a bird, a beak?”

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Been feeling a bit like the mashed potatoe scene in close encounters painting these symbols all over my house, see them in a very specific way, so did a bit of research online turns out these symbols are Egyptian, the of Ra “head of a hawk with a headdress with a sun disk.” i kept saying this is “a bird or beak or head an eye of some sort” to dang cool.









IMG_1607 IMG_1605 IMG_1604IMG_1601 IMG_1600IMG_1599IMG_1598IMG_1597IMG_1596IMG_1595IMG_1593IMG_1592IMG_1591IMG_1589


New murals speed painting playlist



Thursday b4 class


Saturday after watching Egyptian history videos.


Gearing up house for Tue foto shoot.


Shane Scott Travel Records Saga

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What I was given Scott Expenses FY11-FY15

I ALREADY HAVE THIS FROM HIS LAST CAMPAIGN do u ppl think im that much of an air head

What I requested w/follow up e-mail correspondence

Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2015 10:21:06 -0700From: Lisa Marie Coppoletta <>Subject: RE: Mr. Scott’s Travel Records – Open Records Request 429To: ElizabethTrevino <>

he has not traveled at all during 2015 …??? there is no 2015 data in here
for reals ????
On Fri, 10/23/15, Lisa Marie Coppoletta <> wrote:

Subject: RE: Mr. Scott’s Travel Records – Open Records Request 429
To: “ElizabethTrevino” <>
Date: Friday, October 23, 2015, 12:16 PM

My request was for grand
totals of (a) travel and (b)payment. All I need are two
numbers. I’ve already seen all this years ago. Can they
please just do a little addition from the excel spreadsheets
for two grand total numbers. My request was very specific
and precise.
On Thu, 10/22/15, Trevino, Elizabeth <>

  Subject: RE: Mr.
Scott’s Travel Records – Open Records Request 429
  To: “Lisa Marie Coppoletta” <>
  Date: Thursday, October 22, 2015, 11:16 AM
  Hi Lisa,

  I have attached the expenses from
  Elizabeth Trevino
  Records Management Coordinator
  630 E. Hopkins St.
Marcos, Texas 78666
  Direct: 512.393.8088
  Fax: 855.946.9100
  From: Lisa Marie Coppoletta
  Sent: Wednesday, October 07,
2015 11:03 PM
  To: Trevino, Elizabeth <>
  Subject: Mr. Scott’s Travel Records – Open
Records Request
  This is
an open records request for: First, the total amount
  that Mr. Scott has spent in travel funds since
elected to
  office up to the most current
data (on file as of now with
  notations of
any pending expenditures) with his travel

funding. The second item is the total amount he has been
  paid for his salary on the dias. We are in
election cycle,
  any expedite would be
appreciated. After all the data should
ready. .. its election season.

Respectfully, LM Coppoletta, 1322 Belvin, San Marcos, TX

Playlist why you should VOTE FOR MELISSA DERRICK

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New promo postcard front/back

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San Marcos News Live Election Coverage Playlists

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dont forget what the politicians r forgetting to tell you when they campaign

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Screen tests for video + Final Video

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IMG_0400 IMG_0399 IMG_0398 IMG_0397 IMG_0387 IMG_0385 IMG_0378





fotos from advanced acting 9/20/15 with DONISE HARDY !! Advanced Acting

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Volunteered to go first round three – created character survival skills instructor as critique for the investment company – the character was really upset with the bankers, im ok with them tho


Round two – wife tricks hubby into purchasing a truck and thinks it’s his truck but really hers – my fav lines of the three ads, lots of them to say really fast and Donise gave awesome feedback on the stage whisper


Round 1 – created character financial aid advisor for these things we are selling and volunteered to go first


Coolest hang out in the world with Donise Hardy when attend her classes such an awesome teacher


gearing up for round 2


they had me change up my hair for the second take, learning hair skills


freaking out, right before round 1, was there an hour and half before call time, dang right volunteered to go first, this is a rhetorical hit and im ready


we are alums from first class and sat together for this one, both teachers =)


my acting teaching learning homie


doing profiles

IMG_5906_01 IMG_5905_01 IMG_5885_01 IMG_5869_01 IMG_5922 IMG_5919 IMG_5917 IMG_5901 IMG_5900 IMG_5888 IMG_5881 IMG_5872 IMG_5868 IMG_5867 IMG_5862 IMG_5857