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PERC Plume Downtown – Updates from TCEQ

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Here is the most recent report on the PCE/PERC plume downtown.

DC0182 AGMR Jan 2014

Capstone Cottages at Buie Tract – Well Drilling Made Residents Sick

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Thanks to the Daily Record for covering our discovery of the hydrogen sulfide smell.

San Marcos Water: Trihalomethane Levels and Hydrofluorosillicic Acid

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Link to letter to editor published at LoveHays and the San Marcos Daily Record.

Media Advisory – Protest Downtown San Marcos – July 26, 2014

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Media Advisory – For Immediate Release


The citizens of San Marcos demand that the San Marcos City Council stop nickel and diming small local businesses out of existence with their current downtown street projects that are proceeding at a snail’s pace. Expensive (taxpayer money) street projects that are aimed at providing the necessary infrastructure for the up and coming major businesses that will not only dominate the local downtown landscape but also displace if not down right kill locally homegrown businesses. The council should focus on the needs of small businesses that employ its citizens (small businesses account for 52 % of the U.S. workforce) instead of catering to out of town developers whose only prime directive is their monetary bottom line.


The Rhythm of the Street event is a ceremonial band aid to a larger problem, as it does not solve the issues downtown businesses are having when construction is hurting their profit margins because it is making difficult for people to come and shop. That being said, it is also creating a mindset for shoppers who have been displaced and required to locate alternative businesses and may never return to established locally owned companies.


The work order changes coupled with the building of a street to narrow for the fire department which will now cost taxpayers $87,000 and will make the construction last even longer. Other road construction projects such, as Sessom’s and Aquarena’s have been fast tracked while the downtown community has financially suffered its delayed construction since. August 2012.


Moreover, the Rhythm of the Street was touted as a community event to help out local businesses when in fact it is more of an event for the launching of the rewrite of the Land Development Code and update to the City’s Transportation Master Plan. The Land Development Code board does not represent the citizens of San Marcos, rather special interests in the real estate and development sector.


There will be a protest at noon on July 26, 2014. We will meet on the square in front of Jack C Hays statute.

Native American Artifacts – Open Records Findings

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Cheatham Monitoring Report Restricted - PDF report received from last question (below) to city for Open Records Request.

From the beginning of the document my jaw dropped. See below:


The City of San Marcos (City) began the installation of a storm water outflow line beneath Cheatham Street in May of 2011 as a component of its Rio Vista Terrace Neighborhood Infrastructure Project. This portion of the project is located on the east bank of the San Marcos River, between Rio Vista Falls Park to the north and Crook’s Park to the south (Figure 1). It was determined during the excavation of the trench for this portion of the storm water outflow line that the City had inadvertently cut into a section of previously recorded archaeological site 41HY261. This site has been previously recommended as eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). Construction temporarily ceased while the Texas Historical Commission (THC) was consulted concerning the appropriate procedures required for moving forward with the infrastructure project.


Here is some of the e-mail correspondence on projects from Open Records Request.

From: Lisa Marie Coppoletta []
Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2014 2:10 PM
To: Trevino, Elizabeth
Cc: Pettijohn, Jamie
Subject: Re: Open Records – Native American Artifacts – 339


How can I view all the info from those three areas identified in the emails below ? Best! 

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On Jul 2, 2014, at 12:53 PM, “Trevino, Elizabeth” <> wrote:

Hello Lisa,

Here’s the rest of the information:

The Rio Vista Neighborhood Project encountered Native American artifacts.  Texas State University–San Marcos’ Center for Archaeological Studies collected and curated all artifacts.

Thank you,

Liz Trevino

From: Trevino, Elizabeth
Sent: Monday, June 30, 2014 1:55 PM
To: ‘Lisa Marie Coppoletta’
Subject: RE: Open Records – Native American Artifacts – 339

Good Afternoon Lisa,


We do have measures in place to require applicants to notify us of the existence of karst features/caves during construction operations associated with building, site & public infrastructure projects. These features are addressed thru requirements set up by TCEQ and our staff also checks on protection measures.


The following projects have had archeological reports prepared for compliance with the Texas Historical Commission:

1)      Sessom Creek Wastewater Improvement Phase I and II

2)      Loop 82 (Aquarena Springs) / UPRR Overpass Improvements

No significant findings that required further mitigation other than construction monitoring were encountered

The City doesn’t have any requirement for notification of artifacts found on project sites.

This is what I have received so far.

Thank you,

Liz Trevino


From: Lisa Marie Coppoletta []
Sent: Monday, June 23, 2014 8:07 AM
To: Open Records Request
Subject: Open Records – Native American Artifacts


This is an open records request if there have been


(1) any human remains or Native American artifacts reported found during any of the road construction projects over the period of 2012 – 2014.


(2) any human remains or Native American artifacts reported found during any housing or multi family development projects over the period of 2012 – 2014.


Thank you.

LM Coppoletta

Citizens Comments 5/21 Health Impacts from Capstone Cottages/Artifacts/Buie Tract

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Yakona: Darling at SXSW

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Yakona is the darling of SXSW, check out the press coverage! Congrats to Team Yakona!!!

Stand Up for San Marcos

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Comedy in the Lounge

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Cost to Taxpayers of HCP

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QUESTIONS:   Name of contractors employed to implement the HCP.  &  Amount paid for services to contractors for the HCP.

Atlas Environmental  $24,960

EBR Enterprises  $39,984

John Gleason LLC $320,000

San Marcos Aquatic Resource Center $65,477

Heritage Tree Care $203,000

Pristine Texas Rivers $48,798

Recreation Engineering & Planning/Shirley & Sons Construction  $1,125,600

Univ of Houston  $557,538