University Star – Fair & Equal Access

The article “Walk to Change: Organized walk rallies students to go to early voting polls” is completely untrue. I will be deconstructing it in my documentary.

I will also discuss e-mail correspondence on the part of the editor to my university account {after he had recently ran a story that this was not allowed.} I will also speak to how the star would work with to the incumbent {by reporters admissions} over a duration of a week and then give me literally a few hours to respond to an article. I will also discuss how they, in their own word, “imbedded” me in an article 4 weeks late. And, electioneering in front of lbj all on tape with interview with star staff.

This story runs the day after I had spoken with the editor of the star and he advised there was no print space for future coverage on campaign for candidates and only room for propositions. He advised he had to cut a 500 word essay which our campaign devoted 40 hours to because I was the only candidate submitting a written response.

And prior to that cut a bio article that was promised over 3 times.

And, prior to that my address before the ASG was four week late with other fair and equal access issues surrounding the article.

And, since the editor himself advised they had no more space for election coverage both the student groups article and these two articles have been run featuring literally PARAGRAPHS of quotes on the incumbent:

Mock Convention: Democratic candidates encourage students to vote

Army recalls Bobcat to active duty in Iraq

Now this is what I call the University Bizarre.