Blog response to snoozestreamz article ” McCarthy now uncertain about November mayoral run “

I agree with Max. Mr. Guerrero has my vote.

In terms of newspaper vision/bias: it is important to note that last year I gave a key note address immediately following United States Representative Ron Paul as a representative of exemplar activism, an ambassador of San Marcos, Texas to the city of Victoria, Texas.  This speech, also on youtube is entitled, “Holding the Line With Local Activism: Two Victories for Liberty in San Marcos, Texas.”

Newstreamz refused to run the story because “they are a hyper-local” news outlet. The speech was relevant to my campaign. Mr. McCarthy has not even filed for a position. And, yet we find a story from another city. And, yes the photo is over TEN MONTHS OLD. The San Marcos Mercury had the video as their enclosure to the story, perhaps this paper could have requested permission to utilize a still photo from the youtube video. Newstreamz also failed to run coverage of my speech opposing the development over the Aquifer, although a reporter was present. And, many other citizen’s voices were not reported at the onset of this whole boondoggle.

Thank you to the almost 5,000 people that voted for me in 2008. And those that went to the polls in support of our campaign in 2009 on two occasions. This year I am assisting civic minded candidates coaching debates, social media, door-to-door and phone banking. Maybe now that I’ve said it publically, Newstreamz will use more current photos to cover the 2010 election.

In San Marcos, TX we work with law enforcement, and therefore I have never been arrested. Nor, was I arrested when we had our Freedom Ride to Austin, TX State Capitol with area youth back in the 80’s. There was (0) news coverage.

Personally, I always find it refreshing to find counter protesters at a smart action event. And, we always end of laughing together. And, it is even more satisfying to see more Republicans via the Tea Party Movement, actually pick up a sign, and go protest. Let us remember that it was brave actions by people like Dr. King, who also marched, were arrested, and spoke out to the media – which allowed this President to get elected.

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Speech: Holding the Line With Local Activism: Two Victories for Liberty in San Marcos, Texas