Massive Singular Cloud Over Central Texas – Part Deux

Here are some updates as of Sunday April 1, 2011:

My thoughts to the creator of the facebook page:

Below is what posted on the page as was watching the massive hits, which were parallel with the massiveness of the cloud:

“Major props to the creator of this page! Your hits count are off the charts since Tuesday PM, now at 5, 226. You have brought a wonderful sense of community for Central Texas. Way to go snapping those fotoz and videoz Texas Hill Country!!!”

Wonderful setiment quoted in the Statesman article:

“I believe our salvation as a society lies in living harmoniously with nature. In respecting our earth, being in awe of it, and realizing our connectedness to it an each other. Just as we were that night under the cloud,” wrote Erin Franklin.

The two photos I took and uploaded to the fb page that Tuesday night:

Had no idea so many people were also uploading photos and videos. Then, learned about the The Cloud that came over San Marcos, Texas and carried Zeus Facebook page from San Marcos Mayor Daniel Guerrero’s feed on his wall about the cloud, when someone told us about the page. Initially thought it was a witty joke, until saw the page pop up on his wall. Then, I uploaded photos and video link, and proceeded to post the Facebook page on many of my friend’s walls. It was a wonderful Central Texas bee hive mentality. Go Texas Hill Country!

Singular Cloud – Taken PIN campus ACC

Singular Cloud – alternative light setting

Since Wednesday, have been showing the Facebook page to my students as a wonderfully positive example of the use of social media to unify a community.

‎”A senior at San Marcos High School made a Facebook page Tuesday night called “The Cloud that came over San Marcos, Texas, and carried Zeus.” The page had 290 followers in an hour. By midnight, it had 1,000. By Friday, it had more than 6,300. As of Saturday, it had 6,447.” (Austin American Statesman)