Adam Kokesh’s Dance Party Goes Global – We Will Dance in Solidarity

Texas Two Step Up and Be Counted – Solidarity Dance Off

Thomas Jefferson Dance Party in Austin!

National Monument(al) Dance Party in Support of the DANCE PARTY @ TJ’S!!!
WWI Monument/Liberty Memorial Steps
100 W. 26th Street, Kansas City, MO 64108

The Madison Capitol
2 East Main Street, Madison, WI 53702

DANCE PARTY @ MLK’s – Atlanta’s Flash Mob for FREEDOM!

Thomas Jefferson Dance Party in Carson City

A mob flash dance!! at buckydoo square!!?

Sing & Dance for TJ – Central Park, NYC 6/4

Dance for Freedom in honor of Adam Kokesh, Raleigh State Capitol Lawn!

Thomas Jefferson Safety Dance Party for Liberty in Arizona!

Dance Party at TJ’s New Delhi, India

Denver Colorado at the Capitol Building at Noon

St. Louis – Gateway Arch at the Jefferson Expansion Memorial

Dance Party; Solidarity with Washington DC and Across the World – Portland, OR

Kalifornia Freedom Dance

Sacramento Dance Party for Thomas Jefferson Memorial