Elderly woman rescued from burning car

Elderly woman rescued from burning car: kxan.com

Elderly woman rescued from burning car
Good Samaritans pull woman out before it explodes

Updated: Thursday, 28 Jul 2011, 7:48 PM CDT
Published : Wednesday, 27 Jul 2011, 12:37 PM CDT

Jacqueline Ingles
MARBLE FALLS, Texas (KXAN) – An 82-year-old Kingsland woman owes her life to two Good Samaritans who pulled her from her burning car minutes before it exploded on Ranch Road 1431 in Marble Falls July 24.

Dorothy Yates-Book escaped from the car without any bumps or scrapes thanks to Sharon Hooten and Lisa Maria Coppoletta.

“I told them, you saved my life,” said Book during an interview at her Kingsland home Thursday.

Hooten saw Book on the side of the road as her car was smoking. She pulled up behind the vehicle and ran to help.

“I ran up and told her her car was going to blow up and we had to get her out of there,” explained Hooten.

Hooten said the smoke was so thick, she couldn’t tell if anyone else was trapped in the car.

“It was an inferno,” Hooten said.

“They kept asking me if there were other people in the car and if there was treasure in the car,” Book added.

Book was trapped in her car. Her seat belt was stuck and she had no way of getting out.

As Hooten called 911, Coppoletta pulled over to help.

“Lisa ran up, got the seat belt off and pulled her out,” Hooten added.

“I knew immediately that it was a ticking time bomb,” said Coppoletta of the smoking car. “I couldn’t even see inside the car. The steering wheel wasn’t even visible.”

While many other motorists just stopped to watch, no one else except for an unidentified man, rushed over.

At the time, the brakes on Book’s Lincoln Towncar had already melted from the heat. Her car started rolling backwards on the side of the road towards Hooten’s parked car.

“I wish this man would come forward because he grabbed a rock and threw it under the tires to stop it from moving,” Hooten added.

Book was checked out by emergency medical services staff and was OK.

Her car is now in a junk yard and completely melted.

“I think God was working through me,” Hooten said, while choking back tears.

“I don’t know [what compelled me]. I just reacted and then adrenaline took over,” Coppoletta explained.

Hooten said she feels privileged to have saved a life.

Meanwhile, following the accident, Book only wanted to be taken to her intended destination that day: church.

“I had no change of plans,” Book said.

Hooten drove her.

Now, both her and Coppoletta are starting a fundraiser to help buy the elderly woman a new car. A donation fund has been set up at American Bank of North America under the name Dorothy Book Automobile Fundraiser.