Initial Campaign Thoughts

On August 21, 2008 I filed for Place 4 on the San Marcos City Council.
It has been almost two decades since I first decided to be of service to our fair city by becoming a candidate for city council. San Marcos has been my home since 1986 and as an educator of students who later became educators themselves, I have been privileged to watch many of our youth grow up to be enlightened adults thanks to the combined efforts of the city and the university.

I am an instructor of Speech Communication at Austin Community College and University Seminar here at Texas State. I am an Academic Advisor I for the College of Education at Texas State and work primarily with Health, Physical Education, Recreation Students as well as students who have completed their undergraduate coursework working on teacher’s certification. In my spare time I work as a multimedia artist with my mediums being: spoken word, sound design, video compositing and animation.

My main issues are three-fold a no kill shelter for dogs and cats, fostering an accelerated eco tourism through a variety of innovative programs and creating new programs for at-risk-youth by utilizing computers for independent filmmaking/music production.

Since San Marcos has both the natural resources and talent in its local citizens to enhance eco-tourism to the point where it can regenerate and sustain itself and make a profit, it becomes a win-win situation as an exceptionally viable option for boosting our local economy. Through grants and cooperation with the eco-tourism both the no kill shelter and youth programs can be funded. The youth programs would also foster partnerships with Texas State students and youth who are born and raised here in San Marcos.

My Campaign Philosophy:
Let the Experience Speak for Itself: I look forward to open and honest public debates where candidates can share perceptions and policy implementation options frankly with San Marcos public and address their past accomplishes and vision for the future. My professional, academic and activism experience proves that I can foster leadership with an infusion of technology, proactive government and ethical decision making for our citizens, youth and natural resources.

Document the Process: Since I believe that no candidate should run unopposed, especially in a community as pivotal to the IH 35 corridor I am creating a documentary to show the importance of our town and the process of political involvement.