The day the music died in San Marcos, TX – Sundance Records RIP

“I miss the wrappings, trappings of music” by Roy Bragg
Updated 11:04 a.m., Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daniel and I made the article about Sundance Records closing. We’ve been regulars for more than 20 years and are pretty bummed about our oasis of Keeping San Marcos Surreal closing. Quote below:

“This place is a museum” says speech professor Lisa Marie Coppoletta, taking pictures of the walls. When she was a student here, she haunted this place looking for club music.

Husband Daniel Scales says he’ll miss the tactile pleasure of touching his music before he bought it. “It’s a unique experience that you can’t find anywhere else.”

For me, the biggest bummer has been the death of LP covers. By the time cassettes were evolving, record covers had become elaborate and conceptual.

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