Create a Comic Assignment

For our online class thru Ball State University, our Professor Christina Blanch,  gave us this assignment.

Create a Gender Comic

Instructions:  Create a comic based on a story regarding gender you or a close friend/family member has experienced. You can do this alone or with a partner. These experiences could be anything you’re your life that has to do with your gender. It could be going through the drive thru at McDonalds and asking if you want a “boy toy” or a “girl toy” or it could be something about gender stereotypes. Your comic should include the following:

(1)   Characters in the comic may be stick figures but we need to be able to identify who is who OR use one of the web sites listed below to create your comic.

(2)   A minimum of four panels must contain dialogue/thought balloons/narration boxes.

(3)   A minimum of two panels will contain no dialogue/thought balloons/narration boxes.

(4)   You may use pictures. You can draw this on paper and scan it, draw it on your computer or tablet, use a free app/program listed below, use photographs and upload them – all up to you!

(5) You may have as many panels as you need but a minimum of 6.

Here is my first comic ever. The images are created in Daz 3D and rendered out with shaders to 2D. The panel  layout was in Comic Life for the mac.  I made the faux visual meme in fireworks.  The demo version of Comic Life is what got me into comics last December over the holiday break. I played with the program and my neighbor, who I later learned is a comic maven, saw my digital doodlings and encouraged me to read and try my hand at creating comics. I’ve been hooked ever since on comics. Created the character for this class.  My husband grew up in the 60’s and read many underground comics. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.