#ChuckRamsey, A True American Hero

I’ve rarely used a hash tag, with the exception of issues all things San Marcos #smtx. I’m just glued to the story on Charles Ramsey and his heroic rescue. The man not only takes a risk breaking the law, he has the foresight to have two phones call 911 and gives car description to authorities. Mr. Ramsey also provides a germane cultural critique on race in America in his accounts to the press immediately following the rescue.

Thinking about what is a hero, to me it comes down to:

1 – A hero steps up when most people will not take a step either because they are unaware or afraid.

2 – A hero is an imperfect person who acts perfectly in an imperfect situation.

3 – A hero is one who is intuitively there for a life changing event.

God Bless Charles Ramsey. Lots of videos at my twitter here.