Round and round about roundabouts

UPDATE from meeting with City of San Marcos from this am with city planners, engineers, city manager, family/small business steakholders. community organizers.

We have good news. The citizens of San Marcos will be getting a public meeting in August regarding the roundabout on Hopkins/Dixon/San Antonio. In the mean time, please call or e-mail your officials to “recommend issuing change of order for project.” This means we do not want them to bid out this roundabout and we want it changed for a bid for a signaled intersection.

Tell them you want the original plan, not the roundabout which can (a) deleteriously impact a private owner’s property not to mention their small business (b) has ADA issues (c) is dangerous to pedestrians and cyclists (d) will result in historically significant trees being cut down. Please do this ASAP.

Heck, tell them this is not Austin if you’d like. And, that we don’t need Austin planners telling us our business. Or, that Columbus Texas builds around its trees, preserving the character of it’s town.

Thank you to our Mayor for IMMEDIATELY responding to concerns last Friday. Thank you to COSM staff for agreeing to schedule a public meeting for august as well as the sit down today at City Hall in conference room.

Another piece of good news is the number of trees to be cut down is a moving target. First it was a very significant number, now a smaller number. Let’s work together to keep the pressure on and save every last one.