MEDIA ADVISORY – Community Rounds Up Support to Stop Hunter Roundabout: Neighbors Stand Together Against City of San Marcos Staff

MEDIA ADVISORY – Community Rounds Up Support to Stop Hunter Roundabout: Neighbors Stand Together Against City of San Marcos Staff

This Tuesday night September 03, 2013 residents from San Marcos will hold a protest rally out front of City Hall at 5:00 PM. Community members have spoken out against the roundabout as recently as last Monday night August 26, 2013 with a straw poll counted by San Marcos City Hall staff 72 against the roundabout with 4 in favor. A petition against the two roundabouts on Cheatham was submitted last year by citizens and was ignored by San Marcos city staff. Initial community meetings about the Hunter Project did not mention the roundabout. The City Council packet meeting initially did not include the designs for roundabout when originally proposed to the City Council. Citizens have been e-mailing and meeting with elected city officials. Now a petition drive will begin this Tuesday at City Hall for residents to voice in another format their opposition to the roundabout.

First concern is lack of communication, recently exemplified by that the most recent meeting on Monday August 26, 2013 residents were not allowed to speak on public record and microphones were not provided creating difficulty hearing the speakers. The city manager Jim Nuse ordered a five-minute break before resuming the meeting but meeting was ended by city staff minutes later without a stated reason, thereby, not affording community members an opportunity to state their concerns for the record. The meeting format agreed upon by residents and city staff was not followed by the City Manager. Residents have continued to e-mail their elected officials enumerating their concerns. Due to the August 26, 2013 meeting’s outcome, dialogue between the City Council and community members has been initiated and at this juncture, certain city council members are considering reevaluating the project now that more information has come to light, not previously provided by City of San Marcos staff to Council.

Residents also have concerns that the City of San Marcos is pressuring a local family to sell a portion of their property to accommodate the roundabout. All the while the Planning & Zoning board constantly makes favorable changes in city zoning codes for out of town developers. San Marcos citizens are also mortified that historical trees will be cut down in the process to make way for the proposed roundabout. There also exist safety issues for cyclists and pedestrians as well as emergency vehicles raised by local residents. Research which purports roundabouts are safe is written by Roundabout Committee of the Traffic Engineering Council of which Gary W. Schatz, City of Austin, Austin, TX is Executive Committee Chair. The organization disseminates pro literature for roundabouts here in San Marcos and throughout Central Texas. Community members are also concerned that the proposed roundabout and the two existing roundabouts violate American’s with Disabilities Act.


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