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Lisa Marie Opposes Chris Jones
By: Martian
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Just when we thought we were going to get another term of one of the worse Council members we have ever had a URL gets passed to me proving otherwise.
Seems a little Left leaning but at least she has goals. I can’t think of a single thing Chris Jones has done for San Marcos. Well do you count being a patsy for the Mayor as an accomplishment?
Name: the watcher
A little left in San Marcos would represent at least 1/4 of the population. Nothing on her website strikes me as too weird. Someone has described the incumbant as furniture and inconsequential. The alternative in this election is Lisa Marie. Why the hell not.
Name: Lawrence
Looking at his website one can’t help but get the impression that Jones is a classic ticket puncher, using the council as a stepping stone to bigger gigs. Let’s help him on his way by electing Lisa Marie Coppoletta. Change is good and inevitable.
Name: Real Martian
Jones hardly seems like a ticket-puncher. If he were, he would have moved on to bigger gigs.
Change is inevitable. Change back to the 70s is folly. Besides, Lisa has no big issues on her radar.
Name: cm1277
Are you serious? Do you follow up on the council or attend meetings? How can you logically say that Chris Jones is the most useless member and a patsy for the mayor? You do not know what you are talking about and you don’t have any idea of the work he has done or time he puts in.
Name: Lawrence
R. Martian- 23 university committees and 6 current organizations seems like ticket punching to me.