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Whoa! Everyone is helping out. People we don’t even know getting the word out. I found this story on Craig’s List.

“Date: 2009-02-10, 9:01PM CST

I’ve heard about RFID chips and have always been disturbed by them but now it is hitting close to home. In San Marcos they recently made it mandatory to “chip” your pet aka have RFID chips implanted in them. I’ll get back to that in a little bit.

I recently started to listen to a talk radio show hosted by Katherine Albrecht. That day she was interviewing a woman who’s dog died shortly after it was “chipped”. The woman’s dog Charlie Brown was a long haired Chihuahua that bled to death hours after the procedure. There are several people who have lost their pets due to chipping. The cancer is suppose to be caused by radio frequencies from the chips. Which makes sense because you always hear about living too close to radio or cell towers can cause cancer. Why? Because of the high frequencies.

Now back to San Marcos, there is a group called CETI (Citizens for Ear Tattooing Identification) trying to have the ruling removed or amended to make it voluntary. The founder of CETI said “The Tattoos are ONLY a rhetorical device to call attention to the issue. Nothing more.”There is a growing number of counties that are putting this law on the books. In LA county if you don’t chip your pet it is 6 months jail time for you and/or your spouse. I am still new to this subject so I can’t give too many details. I just wanted to write something out to try to get people’s attention because San Marcos is right down the road from all of us in the Austin area. Austin area or not who is to say this ridiculous and unreasonable law won’t come to your city. If you can please go to protest this tomorrow at the scheduled a public hearing on the ordinance for Feb. 11 at noon in the Grant Harris Jr. Building. There will be another at the beginning of March in which Katherine Albrecht will be flying down from New Hampshire for.

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Be sure to check out Katherine Albrecht’s (90.1 fm in our area)archived shows for more information on RFID and the increasing invasion of our privacy.”