Media Advisory – Protest Downtown San Marcos – July 26, 2014

Media Advisory – For Immediate Release


The citizens of San Marcos demand that the San Marcos City Council stop nickel and diming small local businesses out of existence with their current downtown street projects that are proceeding at a snail’s pace. Expensive (taxpayer money) street projects that are aimed at providing the necessary infrastructure for the up and coming major businesses that will not only dominate the local downtown landscape but also displace if not down right kill locally homegrown businesses. The council should focus on the needs of small businesses that employ its citizens (small businesses account for 52 % of the U.S. workforce) instead of catering to out of town developers whose only prime directive is their monetary bottom line.


The Rhythm of the Street event is a ceremonial band aid to a larger problem, as it does not solve the issues downtown businesses are having when construction is hurting their profit margins because it is making difficult for people to come and shop. That being said, it is also creating a mindset for shoppers who have been displaced and required to locate alternative businesses and may never return to established locally owned companies.


The work order changes coupled with the building of a street to narrow for the fire department which will now cost taxpayers $87,000 and will make the construction last even longer. Other road construction projects such, as Sessom’s and Aquarena’s have been fast tracked while the downtown community has financially suffered its delayed construction since. August 2012.


Moreover, the Rhythm of the Street was touted as a community event to help out local businesses when in fact it is more of an event for the launching of the rewrite of the Land Development Code and update to the City’s Transportation Master Plan. The Land Development Code board does not represent the citizens of San Marcos, rather special interests in the real estate and development sector.


There will be a protest at noon on July 26, 2014. We will meet on the square in front of Jack C Hays statute.