#floathome – no public health warnings, polluters get off scott free from fines

Here is what happened – first press release from the City of San Marcos http://www.sanmarcostx.gov/index.aspx?recordid=2430&page=34

Thank you to Christie Maycock for this meme!

Official city response is posted below regarding my inquires yesterday about public health warnings and fines for the contractors/developers regarding the aforementioned press release sent out yesterday. This is the second time I have asked for public health warnings after a major sewage leak by a contractor and the city has refused to post a public health warning.
“Good morning, Lisa,

The area where the discharge entered the river is well below any of the public access areas in San Marcos. The discharge would be thoroughly diluted by the time it reached any other public accesses points downstream.

TCEQ has regulatory jurisdiction. We do not know what, if any, action they will take.

For our part, we do not anticipate the City will assess a fine since the contractor notified us of the break immediately and assisted with mitigating the discharge and repairing the damage.


Trey Hatt, CPC
Communications Specialist”