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Questioning by local activists leads to discovery that site work at 1803 Hunter Road was being performed without permits. There are still questions about flood/drainage impact on neighboring properties from this non-permitted fill.

 By Rob Roark

The City of San Marcos put a stop to development work at 1803 Hunter Road, on property owned byRio Marc Development Ltd. when the city issued a stop work order. Work came to a halt there on October 17th after City inspectors found that the work was being carried out on an expired permit which had been issued in 2008, as well as without the required environmental permits.

After local citizen, Lisa Coppoletta, questioned the practice of knocking down large “Heritage” live oak trees, the city began to investigate these site improvements which had brought in tons of fill dirt and rock to this flood prone lot at 1803 Hunter Road. Contractors there had been hauling fill dirt from excavations at the nearby Purgatory Creek Bridge to fill in a 200 ft section of the property to a depth of up to 4 feet. Large trees which had died in the recent extended drought were knocked over and uprooted to allow access to the property owned by Mr. Carson’s company.


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