fotos from advanced acting 9/20/15 with DONISE HARDY !! Advanced Acting


Volunteered to go first round three – created character survival skills instructor as critique for the investment company – the character was really upset with the bankers, im ok with them tho


Round two – wife tricks hubby into purchasing a truck and thinks it’s his truck but really hers – my fav lines of the three ads, lots of them to say really fast and Donise gave awesome feedback on the stage whisper


Round 1 – created character financial aid advisor for these things we are selling and volunteered to go first


Coolest hang out in the world with Donise Hardy when attend her classes such an awesome teacher


gearing up for round 2


they had me change up my hair for the second take, learning hair skills


freaking out, right before round 1, was there an hour and half before call time, dang right volunteered to go first, this is a rhetorical hit and im ready


we are alums from first class and sat together for this one, both teachers =)


my acting teaching learning homie


doing profiles

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