2014 plastic Easter egg drop

Selective Enforcement Ordinance

Friday, May 16, 2014 12:16 PM
“Lisa Marie Coppoletta” <lisa_coppoletta@yahoo.com>
“City_Manager_Info@sanmarcostx.gov” <City_Manager_Info@sanmarcostx.gov>”Mayor_Council_Info@sanmarcostx.gov” <Mayor_Council_Info@sanmarcostx.gov>”Daniel Scales” <daniel.scales@yahoo.com>
Rodney Cobb advised first these “plastic eggs” were biodegradable. He advised he called the Pastor and the Pastor advised that these eggs had Styrofoam. The ordinance is quite clear NO Styrofoam. Rodney has admitted that he did not get documentation from the church and “trusted them.”  However, his trust was misplaced because apparently he did not take the time to educate the pastor, nor did the pastor take the time to read the ordinance. I am not sure what is going on between Parks and Rec and the Fire Marshall’s office but now Mr. Bell has advised that Rodney advises there was no Styrofoam. I would like to review (a) the application for the 40K egg drop and its approval. (b) some assurances from CoSM this will not happen again. Rodney has refused to make these assurances.
This is clearly an instance of favoritism and I am not sure why this is happening. Hispanic families cannot celebrate their Easter barbequing and drinking sodas out of Styrofoam cups, but the Church from Kyle gets to drop 40K Styrofoam eggs. My concern is valid and clearly getting the runaround by both offices covering each other’s backs. This is not fair enforcement. I would like to know what the City Manager’s Office is going to do since both of these offices are clearly not doing their jobs. Residents have found these eggs and here is the video as proof. I am not a police officer and the claim that we should produce the evidence is preposterous and completely out of concern citizen’s purview.  If this cannot be resolved I would like a meeting with the City Manager ASAP. I’ve been getting the runaround and stall tactics since this occurred.