Lindsey Hills Aggregate Aggravation

This is just surreal city staff would allow this in the Historic District


Consistent with the above stated purpose, the proposed PDD plans for a mixed-use development as illustrated in Figure 1-1 within the PDD Standards Book and as summarized below.

  •   Hotel: Located primarily along the Blanco frontage and a portion of the Hutchison frontage. The hotel component plans for a maximum of 120 rooms and a maximum of 17,000 sq.ft. of additional associated space to be used for meeting rooms and additional amenities. This includes the old Lamar School gymnasium and auditorium buildings, which are proposed to remain.
  •   Retail: Proposed to front the Hutchison and Moore Street frontages. There will be a maximum of 17,000 sq.ft. of retail space at these locations. This square footage includes the potential for an 8,500 sq.ft restaurant.

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  •   Multi-Family: Proposed to front the Burleson and Hutchison Street frontage. The multi-family component will contain a maximum of 164 units which equates to 34 units/acre. The “MU” Mixed- Use District allows up to 5.5 units/acre. Total bedroom count be limited to a maximum of 226.
  •   Office: Proposed as an alternative scenario within the area planned for multi-family along the Hutchison Street frontage. Limited to a maximum of 27,000 sq.ft. of office space. In the event that the office space is developed, the multi-family unit maximum will be reduced to 144 units and 199 bedrooms, in order to ensure for appropriate parking relative to each use.



Since the age of 19 to 47 years old I have been an environmental activist in San Marcos fighting for my neighbors. Friends told me when you buy a home everything changes. My friends were right; I love all aspects of home ownership. So I participated in the land development code revision process called SMTX Code Rodeo.

I feel like a fool for having faith in the City of San Marcos process to protect my home ownership investment. Two plus years attending countless open house meetings and think tank meetings only to find at the end of the process proposed Lindsey Hill development on Belvin Street.

CoSM has known about Lindsey Hills for months. Being duplicitous with the public rounding us up like cattle with little sticky notes and small group meetings with occasional opportunity to engage the facilitators of the sham public outreach process has been expensive to the taxpayer in the end.

The City likes to use the buzzword “buffer zone.” This development is instead a snowball, which will devastate the Historic District. Glitzy SMTX Code Rodeo brochure states the “Heritage” neighborhood should have parks or community gardens and instead we get a proposed development of 120 rooms hotel which would be the second largest in town, and 174 room apartment complex, parking garage, and retail big water users. The sure immensity of it just boggles the mind.

Speaking of water, proposed Lindsey Hills is on Balcones fault, over the Aquifer, next to caves, on a hill, in a flood zone. What a splendid idea for more flooding of FEMA dollars after creating a berm on all sides of proposed Lindsey Hills. We all know Hunter Road floods. So those of us on Belvin caught between Hunter and Lindsey Hills will get the floodwaters from both sides. The city promised us they would take flooding into account in the future when examining these proposals. City planners have no analysis on flooding on file for Lindsey Hills.

What a perfect storm for a sewage leak. What a glittering example of excavation toxins of dirt floating down Belvin Street for joggers and moms with baby strollers to inhale. And, asbestos and mold from demolition of the building will also be blasted down Belvin. What a shining example of toxins from new construction. And then the finale will be carbon monoxide from the parking garage, increased delivery trucks and tourist cars. This is ionic after the CoSM public relations taking of a bow defeating a truck stop in Kyle. City Staff have no issues blasting the Historic District the next two years during construction phase with every fume known to modern humanity.

The San Marcos Independent School District knowingly crafted a legal agreement allowing Lindsey Hills developer to create a moving target for his proposal. In the future the school board should be more proactive in protecting property values of taxpayers.

If the public matches Scott Gregson’s campaign finance reports to the Lindsey Hills developer there is a bingo moment that will make your jaw drop. Scott Gregson needs to recues himself from this vote and any future votes downtown impacting his financial investment. It is quite clear Mr. Gregson does not care about my financial investment. My first home.