Fourth estate in san marcos texas still residing strong

“However, the largest single contributor overall since the start of 2010 is San Marcos real estate investor Scott Gregson, who made a $2,000 cash contribution to Thomaides and an in-kind contribution of $589.56 to the same candidate. Gregson also made a $240.00 in-kind contribution to Thomaides during the reporting period from Oct. 26, 2009 to Jan. 15, 2010, bringing his contributions to Thomaides during the last two reporting periods to $2,829.56. Gregson is the publisher of San Marcos Local News.”

Last year the reporter admitted that the story of “sign gate” was edited. Why, perhaps because the owner of newstreams was supporting another candidate, you can pull the financial reports and see for yourself. All the facts were cleverly eliminated form the article. The FACT that Thomaides supporters do not see the chamber connections with Mr. Gregson is troubling. So, our Mayor has the SMDL and Thomaides has newstreams. Nothing is new in San Marcos politics. I suppose the people will get the leadership they deserve. And, in this economy it is very troubling.

Another example is the failure to report my standing against the tract of land being developed over the Aquifer. Being that Mr. Gregson was supporting Thomason, is this why my advocacy was never reported during the run-off election? I noted that every other meeting after the election the citizen’s advocacy was reported opposing the development. I spoke at City Council meetings and a reporter was present.

It is all quite humorous, especially when Mr. Gregson asked me to do a live tv show for him and thanked me for what i do in the community before the end of filing dates last year. He ended up supporting first Mr. Maycock and then Mr. Thomason. He expressed in this phone conference that he was quite impressed with our live call in show and yet not only never supported me, but never followed thru on his request that I do live shows for him.