Answers to " Quick Question" posed by Daily Record

Got a call and this needs to be e-mailed stat. The request below whose subject header is “Quick question” was emailed at 2:33 PM.  I hear this word a zillion times a day at work and it just cracks me up that it is applied to questions posed to a candidate for a communication piece to be distributed to thousands in our community.  Here are my answers written on the fly because of this looming deadline.  Now, lets see if and when the article is actually published.

“20 years of experience living in San Marcos and working as a consensus builder on issues such as the municipal fiscal responsibility, environment, at-risk youth, and film and multimedia.”

“ I offer a unique plan to attract a new industry to the downtown which is aligned with our model of tourism to enhance the flow of commerce so that the dollar circulates throughout the city from small business to small business”

“Being recognized by Bob Bullock Museum as top actor/multimedia artist in state of Texas qualifies me to direct and cast San Marcos as a principal location for feature films, commercials and network television shows.”

“Cut waste and provide financial incentives for those that go green implementing sustainable forms of powering for their homes and businesses.”

“Two degrees from SWT in Speech Communication and recognized as top graduate student and first undergraduate debater and only women to this day to attend the National Debate Tournament.”

“In addition to feature productions, a small independent film will often spend thousands of dollars in one day on catering, building supplies, and rental equipment. Feature productions are a proven success throughout America in states such as Michigan, Louisiana and New Mexico and cost citizens zero for free advertising of our respective cities.

“I’m especially concerned about the current national and global economy. “NOW, is the time for a proactive approach to ensure that downtown businesses prosper.”

“I encourage voters to review all of the debates which are posted at my website

“Throughout the campaign I have opened up online chats and would have an open line during city council meetings and prior for citizen input as an innovative way to use technology for communication regarding community concerns.”