Advocate Flood Zone (2013-2016)

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San Marcos News Live video footage appear in this international report Are Texas developers suffering from ‘flood amnesia’?” June 10, 2015
San Marcos, Hays County preparing for next round of stormsMichael Perchick, KVUE, April 16, 2016 “It’s come to the point after those last two floods, where it’s literally come to the point where I can feel the nervousness of the people on the other side of town for people that were flooded,” said homeowner Lisa Marie Coppoletta.
The Woods apartment complex denied certificate of occupancy, delaying move-in date for students” By Alexa Tavares –“It’s unfortunate that so many students are now homeless and an entire neighborhood has been devastated,” said Lisa Marie Coppoletta, San Marcos resident and concerned citizen. “Sixty years of personal memories were flooded out because of irresponsible members on the (council).” Coppoletta said although many students are currently without a home, she was pleased to see people speak out against the Cape’s Camp project when it was originally brought forth to councilmembers. “All the hotels in town are full with people from Blanco Gardens,” Coppoletta said. “Now you have students from Cape’s Camp and the apartments by N. LBJ, who are looking for hotels.” Coppoletta’s comment was a tip of the hat to those students who signed a lease with Eight17 Lofts off N. LBJ Drive.

Blanco Gardens residents express frustration with city over letter” by Anna Herod August 24,2015

Community member Lisa Marie Coppoletta, addressed city council Aug. 4 and said she met with city management and development after receiving the letter.
“I do feel a lot better after I met with city management,” Coppoletta said. “I was just hoping that y’all would be a little more diplomatic in the future. I’ve been involved in politics for a long time and even when I looked at the letter it freaked me out.”
Coppoletta said officials need to be better prepared for these types of situations.“The apartments over there by that Walmart, they got flooded and some of those kids had to swim to safety—and they are inexperienced,” Coppoletta said. “When you put those kids in those apartments, they’re unaware of the flooding issue.”
She said city officials need to be more judicial in the future and make developers focus on drainage plans before the aesthetic of the project.
“People’s lives have been ruined,” Coppoletta said.
Hunter Road developer found to be working with expired permit” Nov 05, 2015 “We’re in the middle of a design rodeo where we’re looking at the city code, and these are specific codes that are being violated and not being enforced,” Coppoletta said. Contractors were hauling dirt to fill the lot that lies in the floodplain, Coppoletta said. The tree roots were being compacted with the added concern of neighboring homes being flooded, she said. “It should be a clue to the city to put in an ordinance with teeth to protect heritage trees and have stiff fines (for violating),” Coppoletta said  The contractor would stop immediately if he were to be fined $15,000 a day for violating the ordinance, Coppoletta said.

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Two mold ordiances from work with Lisa Prewitt, Melissa Derrick, and Jane Hughson. Please find below the ordinance language and press coverage. 

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