Heat edges up in city council race: Newstreamz San Marcos October 20, 2009
“This is something very near and dear to my heart,” Coppoletta said, adding that she advises veterans coming into Texas State and using the G.I. Bill, as well as those going overseas. Coppoletta has advocated the creation of a veterans center in Hays County

Candidates speak at CONA forum : Newstreamz San Marcos October 5, 2009
Coppoletta said San Marcos can provide veterans with job training, as well as housing grants, much like a city program providing $5,000 forgivable loans to Texas State faculty who buy homes in San Marcos and stay for at least five years. Coppoletta also proposed a veterans’ center to encompass San Marcos, Hays County and Texas State.

Council candidate pushes veterans benefits : Newstreamz San Marcos 25 Mar 2009
Coppoletta also said she would move to increase the city property tax exemption for the disabled and citizens 65 years of age and older. Under Coppoletta’s plan, each group would double its property tax exemption to $50,000 of the home’s value from the present exemption of $25,000. Coppoletta said city government should benefit veterans with programs aiding in job skills and academic endeavors, adding that San Marcos ought to “provide our veterans with good paying jobs.” She said “green collar jobs” would be chief in her vision of living-wage employment. By attracting environmentally oriented professions, Coppoletta said city residents would benefit from higher earnings while leaving behind a less invasive “carbon footprint.”

Thomaides, Coppoletta file for council race : Newstreamz San Marcos 04 Aug 2009
“My work production as a candidate has been consistent: gather the data, make sense of the root cause and effects of the problem and offer workable solutions,” Coppoletta said. ” I will continue to campaign on the issues of protection of natural resources, neighborhood integrity, veterans initiatives, affordable housing, green collar jobs, transition to no kill shelter, programs for at-risk-youth and online availability of data for citizens via the city website.”

News: Headlines – The Austin Chronicle 10 Apr 2009
Apparently Hays County is more progressive than Austin: Citing community complaints, Hays Co. commissioners Tuesday canceled a road design contract with KBR, the military contractor and former Haliburton subsidiary maligned for dangerously shoddy, overpriced work in Iraq. To the chagrin of local activists, KBR is still performing engineering work for the city of Austin.

County cuts out of KBR deal : Newstreamz San Marcos 08 Apr 2009
Daniel Scales, husband of San Marcos City Council candidate Lisa Marie Coppoletta, addressed the commissioners on behalf of his wife. “Through your (example), I think we can show the city that they also need to do their homework before (giving) contracts to companies like KBR,” Scales said. “It’s not just KBR … We should have a set of ethics (standards), where we could vet out the companies.”

San Marcos Record, San Marcos, TX – Council approves KBR for projects 28 Jul 2009
“Our county has given us a wonderful model by which to reject businesses with unsavory practices,” said Lisa Marie Coppoletta, who ran unsuccessfully for the council last year.

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