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  •   Saturday 7/18/2009 @12:00 Noon  Podkast #2 - "Victory Gardens Revival Movement"  Topics Include:  The history of Victory Gardens in America. The show will provide tips on getting started and special topics for gardening in apartments or duplexes aka urban gardening.
  • Monday 7/20/2009 @10:00 PM Podkast #3 - "City Council Agenda Items LIne by Line"  Podkast #3 - "Citizen Outsider Radio" City Council Agenda Items LIne by Line. Call in to discuss tomorrow's San Marcos City Council Meeting agenda items. What are your concerns and solutions?


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Video Blog - Debates 2009 
LOWV Debate - October 19, 2009

Video Blog - Debates
CONA Debate - October 1, 2009

Video Blog - Debates 2009  - Pt 2
CONA Debate - October 1, 2009

Video Blog - Debates 2009 
Downtown Assocation - September 23, 2009

Video Blog -
Speeches 2009 
2009 Speech & Debates

Video Blog - Campaign 2009
2009 video blog behind the scenes San Marcos City Council election

Video Blog  - Mandatory Microchipping Ordinance Social Movement, 2009
Speeches from March, 2009 of  protests and hearings on mandatory microchipping issue in San Marcos. We were the first city in the nation to overturn such an ordinance.

Video Blog - "Citizen Outsider" rough cut clips, Documentary 2008  
2008 behind the scenes from poltical documentary "Citizen Outsider"

Video Blog - Debates, 2008
Below are the three debates the candidates participated during September and October of 2008.

2008 LOWV Candidate Debates

2008 SMABOR Candidate Debates

2008 CONA Candidate Debates