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“Lisa Coppoletta of San Marcos, Texas is exactly my kinda lady . . . . an activist … a freedom lover … absolutely one of these ladies we should all be applauding as an American heroine.” 
Quotation from February 10, 2009  by Dr. Katherine Albrecht, of Harvard University.  Dr. Albrecht is author of SPYCHIPS: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Purchase and Watch Your Every Move, and a nationally syndicated radio show host of The Dr. Katherine Albrecht Radio Show.

“This will change the way we implement policy in San Marcos.”

Quotation from March 03, 2009 by Mayor of San Marcos during coffee on mandatory microchipping

Mandatory Microchipping : San Marcos Social Movement
  In March of 2009, after the largest protest in the history of San Marcos in which over 300 citizens  stood vigil for over 4 hours during City Council meeting,  Our Mayor and City Council  directed the Animal Services Control Board to discuss voluntary microchipping in San Marcos rather than mandatory requirements.  Our community was the first in the nation to overturn a mandatory microchipping ordinance.

(photo from screen capture of Newstreamz article)

"Council takes chip from ordinance" Newstreamz March 04, 2009 March 4, 2009
"“I feel this is a blessing,” said San Marcos city council candidate Lisa Marie Coppoletta, who has been instrumental in mobilizing local opposition to the mandate. “I think it’s a great example of San Marcos citizens involved in something near and dear to their heart. Our critters are part of our family.”

Among those in the crowd was Dr. Katherine Albrecht, a syndicated national radio host from New Hampshire who presented the council with her research on microchips."

Mandatory Microchipping - Feb/March, 2009

The documentary below  "Our City, Our Pets, Our Right!" covers the protest of over 300 citizens on  March 2009  The clips were shot, edited and uploaded in less than 24 hours. 

Mandatory Microchipping - July/August Breaking News

In July 2009 the Animal Services Board moved towards placing it on the San Marcos City Council agenda again as mandatory.  Again, there were countywide implications.  Given less than a week to prepare for the impromptu call for a citizen hearing reported in the press, our team sprung into action.  Since July, we have met with the Mayor on this issue as well as reviewed the documentation maintained by the board thru a series of open records requests.
"Chip law proposal could range beyond city" Newstreamz  Jul 23  2009
"I believe, in March, our citizens resoundingly told our city council that we oppose mandatory microchipping for our pets,” Coppoletta said. ” … I am perplexed why you would ask for a public hearing when we’ve already told you what we think.” Coppoletta added that the animal board is being “paternalistic” instead of listening to the people, that the animal board has not followed up on education measures promised during the microchip debate this spring and that a lack of transparency characterizes the board’s documentation. Coppoletta told the board that if the proposal makes it to city council, the 300 protesters in March will be considerably exceeded by the next protest at City Hall."

Full Video Playlist from Feb - July, 2009 on the RFID Social Movement in San Marcos, Texas

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